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Join us on our journey to living a simple, minimalistic, and alternative lifestyle in the season of our 60's!


Retirement, it's not what we
thought it would be . . . 

Thank Goodness!



  Somewhere between 750,000 to one million retirees have taken up living full-time in an RV.*   Their motivation varies; for some, it's to travel and see as much of this great country as they can while still healthy enough to do so.  For others, it's an economical solution after losing their life savings in the 2008 recession or a lack of sufficient retirement savings. And for others, like us, it's the desire to live a more simple, tiny, and minimalistic lifestyle.

We are Bob & Robin and we're launching the Season of our 60's by choosing to live more simply in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado.  "Retirement" for Bob is the joy of being a fishing guide six months of the year, while Robin serves as an Executive Virtual Assistant for a select few clients.

We invite you to come along with us while we redesign what retirement will look like for us.  Join us as we search for the perfect RV, a place to put it, and our passage into a new transition in life. Our goal is to share an alternative way of living while entering into a new season in life. 


Come along as we plan for and live out our retirement so differently than our parents. We'll share our successes and our failures, tips, and ideas, products and reviews. We are also hoping to hear your thoughts, questions, and share your stories as well.


So, buckle up, our Retirement-Redesign is now underway!

*Kevin Bloom of the RVIA, Mar 13, 2018

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