Living simply with less "stuff" doesn't mean what you do have in your home can't be useful, functional, and pretty!  The options on our shopping pages are actual products we have purchased and are using in our RV, for our work, for Izzy, and in our life in general.  

Look for upcoming videos that show how we are using each item and our review of the product. 

To be transparent, we want you to know that we are Amazon Associates and do receive a small percentage of your purchase from our links (however, it doesn't change the price you pay).  In general we find Amazon to have some of the lowest prices and with Amazon Prime, you get your purchase delivered fast! We only share items we actually use personally and please note, the prices shown are what we paid for the item and they are subject to change.

A few of our purchases were made elsewhere and we have put a link where possible for you to find the product.  

If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll do our best to provide an answer as quickly as possible.