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Making your new domicile into a real home is one of the best things about transitioning. However, thin walls, wire placement, and tight spaces can make it a bit tricky.  To help you along (and I'm hoping you'll help me as well), you'll find a series of things we found to be useful and worth sharing.  

"Great Finds"
The good news is that unlike
 full-timers that move their rigs, stationary RV homes are able to add a bit more furniture and things don't have to moved around a lot.  For instance, one of my favorite finds is a small end table that has storage accessible from the top of the table.  One half opens and surprise, you'll find electric outlets and USB chargers embedded in the storage box.  I've also added a storage cube and decorative storage boxes below.  One of the few belongings I just couldn't part with was a clock our daughter gave to us, however, there was no place to put it.  As you can see, we found a perfect and safe place to showcase the clock and make it useful too.  This works because of the way our living room is arranged.  It may not work in your situation, however when we do find something that works well, we'll link it in our articles to our store so if you are interested in purchasing something similar you know where to start. 


"Tips & Tricks"

I'm not an arts and crafts type of person, but if I can't find something that works for me, I'll search the web and YouTube for other options.  In my Tips & Tricks, I show how we solved problems like where to store my costume jewelry so it would still be handy and yet out of the way.  This handy peg board project cost me less than $10 and it's perfect. The light doesn't do the picture justice, because it actually added a pop of complementary color to the bedroom.

"RV Cooking & Kitchen Storage"

I love cooking in my RV.  Knock on wood, I haven't had some of the problems others have reported with their stove or ovens. I use both as well as an Instant Pot consistently as we rarely eat out.  In the Cooking and Storage Section, I share ideas and recipes,  as well as challenges we can figure out together.  We have a toy-hauler and instead of a "toy" we have a freezer! This makes storing larger amounts of food much easier.  With the addition of a pantry beside the freezer, I'm set for trying out good recipes and bulk cooking!

Jan Cal.JPG

"Keeping it Clean"

We bought our rig new and it's important to me to keep it in the best condition I can. RV furniture and fixtures were not made for long consistent use.  However, with a little TLC, it can last for quite a while. I believe you can get your cooking and cleaning done using smart management and planning.  Each season has it's own opportunities and challenges.  The last thing I want to be doing is spending my time and energy cleaning my home so check out my cleaning and organizing tips to maximize you time too. 

"RV Maintenance"

While it's true, you have a smaller space to maintain, it's also true that the maintenance needs of an RV are very different than those of a traditional bricks and sticks home.  There are many websites that share how to maintain your RV.  Two of our favorites are  Keep Your Daydream & Changing Lanes. Since we had been a travel trailer family for many years when our kids where growing up, and because my husband worked in the industry on his days off as a fire-fighter, we were able to dive right in and prepare our rig for a Colorado winter.  We share not only what we've done, but provide you with links to outstanding information from others on the subject of RV Maintenance as well. 

Prepare RV 4 CO Winter.JPG