It's here!!! 10 days and counting until move in!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

It's finally here. We decided to special order our new RV home to meet our needs and to

prepare for the specific living conditions

in the mountains of Colorado. One of our non-negotiables was double-pane windows. We also wanted to have the newest model off the line (2020 in our case) and that required we order a new RV build rather than buy one off the lot. After waiting for almost three months, we received the call that made our hearts skip a beat, our new home has arrived in Colorado.

However, there is still a process we will be going through over the next 10 days until we can move into our RV home.

1. Secure check from the bank for payment

2. Ensure all Insurance coverage has to been completed before we take it off the lot

3. Confirm space will be available on move-in date

4. Arrange for transport from dealer lot to RV park space

5. Purchase any final set-up equipment that may be needed

6. Order propane tank from a local distributor

7. Complete walk-through with the dealership

8. Pack any items moving from current residence to new RV home

9. Alert family member/clients of moving date (you may have limited accessibility)

10. Collect items needed for our puppy, Izzy, to make her transition as easy as possible

I'm surprised at the comments I'm receiving when sharing of our new adventure. Here's one of the big questions that I will be finding the answer to for myself really soon. Can you really make an RV a home? Well, I'm telling you I'm giving it my best effort. I feel like I have practically bought out Amazon! I have purchased many new things to make our RV a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe home, and I can't wait to share the outcome with you. Blogs, pictures, and videos coming soon!

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