Making our Selection

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

There are a variety of RV manufacturers who make toy-haulers. There is not, however, a great deal of difference in the layout of the living space. This is something that is really important to us. I want my living room separate from the kitchen. It is also important for me to have a desk or space for a desk since I plan to continue working until I no longer want to or can't. We also want a bedroom that has the closet space we need and real night stands on both sides of the bed.

Over the past year, we have searched the world wide web, visited RV dealerships and attended trade shows to help us through the selection process. Our choice is the Momentum 395m by Grand Design.

This manufacturer has a great reputation, loyal following, and the design we feel will serve us well as our home during this Senior Season of life. The double slide-outs in the living area make the space seem exceptionally large and has plenty of room for our needs and for special events such as when our grandkids or others visit. The kitchen is lacking a bit of pantry space, but we plan to have a pantry cupboard in the garage that will help make up for the deficiency. The third slide-out is in the bedroom and houses the closet. Plenty of room here for our needs and we chose to have a queen bed instead of a king to allow for the night stands on either side of the bed. Of yes, this model also come with a bath and a half, so we each have our own bathroom. Luxury indeed!

We've ordered the unit and am now counting down the days until we take delivery and move in. Join us as we countdown to Move In Day

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