My New Year's Resolution

My New Year Resolution is to not make a long list of things I want to do, get done or acquire. This year, my list is of things that will support our new life of living a minimalistic, and healthy lifestyle in the mountains of Colorado.

One of the advantages of living in an RV is where the rig is located. Whether you are stationary or you are traveling across the country, RV's are usually parked in places that

lend itself to great walking opportunities. Walking even a few minutes a day, clears the mind, gets the blood flowing, and burns a few calories along the way. If you have a dog, it's essential to allow them time to escape the confines of the RV a bit each day to get the wiggles out. We live in a beautiful spacious park with great views of Pikes Peak. I am resolute to waking a minimum of three times a week in different directions to explore and enjoy the area we've chosen to park our home.

While it's been a difficult change learning to cook for only the two of us, rather than the kids, spouses, and grandkids, I'm enjoying my tiny kitchen and the challenge of creating purposeful menus that support our health, our finances, and taste buds. I am determined to create only healthy food in this season of life and I'm looking forward to sharing a few recipes and hoping to receive some from you as well in the New Year!

Since I still have a business, and Bob is only semi-retired, I'm mindful of how important it is to create a smart retirement plan. Executing a strategic exit plan from our brick and mortar business to ensure our savings and investments are wisely managed for the future, is essential. This year I'll be sharing wisdom and insights from Iron Mountain Financial, and the amazing Nick Naseman who supports and guides for a greater retirement.

So no resolutions for this year, just focusing on living healthy, eating healthy, and planning wisely for the future.

Share your main focus for 2020 and let's keep each other accountable!

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