Our First RV Christmas!

When you downsize from a traditional home to perhaps an apartment or condo, you still have rooms you fill with your furniture, special mementos, and other personal items. However, when you move into an RV, every space is strategically laid out for purposeful tiny living. When it comes to holidays, you really need to rethink how you decorate. I had fun going to the Dollar Tree this year and buying small items to bring Christmas into our new RV home. That way, I could play with ideas and didn't have to commit to one style because of the amount of money I invested. Here are a few tips and ideas I found when researching decorating for our RV this year.

Christmas Tree Floor space is a premium in an RV. The larger units with a designated "living room" offers a variety of ideas. Where one or the other of the couches have been removed, it offers space for a tree. Others make a "corner" for their tree between a couch and the fireplace. Toy-haulers, like ours, have less floor space. If you are lucky enough to have a corner space, a skinny tree works well.

Kristin was clever and gave the illusion of a taller tree by placing it on top of a cabinet.

Julie sets hers on the kitchen divider above the living room.


You can always purchase a small tabletop version like this one from Amazon, and put it anywhere!

Bring the Outside Inside

I love the smell of the outside inside and Lauri does a beautiful job using fir tree branches and pine cones intertwined with lights and berries. Oh, and The Christmas Story lamp bring a fun bit of whimsy to the occasion too!


Windows are easy to decorate in your RV. Window clings, stick-on snowflakes, and hanging ornaments are simple to add to any RV decor. Just make sure whatever you use is pet friendly. We considered using a bit of snow flocking on our windows....but you've met Izzy, right?


One of the things I like the most in our RV is the fireplace. Especially so at Christmas. It's so easy to decorate and it's okay to hang the stocking in front of the "fire"! I bought smaller stockings this year, added our initials and now we're ready for Christmas morning. If you don't have a fireplace, check out our store for a super priced Fire Place CD.

Slide-out Molding

We used the molding above our slide-out for our stacking Santas!

Julie has a great eye for using her space too!

Send us pictures of your creative RV decorating ideas...we love to share!

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