Preparing for a Colorado Winter

After living in Colorado Springs for many years, we had a pretty good idea what we were in for when deciding to head up the mountain toward Pikes Peak and make our home in a 42' toy-hauler. We made the move on the 1st of October and estimated we had about three weeks until the snow fall began. Well this year it decided to come a bit early and we needed to get the rig ready for winter.

When living stationary in an RV, most people will invest in a propane tank that is routinely filled to ensure the furnace, fridge, and anything else which might run on propane is not interrupted. When living in a cold climate in an RV, it is essential to "skirt" your RV as well. Skirting keeps the underside of the RV from freezing by blocking the airflow and keeping the snow away from pipes, and the floor of the rig. This reduces the amount of freezing weather that collects under the RV and greatly helps to keep your rig warmer. It also allows you to use less propane which keeps your propane bill down.

The following video gives you an overview of how we skirted our Grand Design 395M for a Colorado winter.

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