Planting our rig in it's new home!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

We're here! We arrived on October 1, 2019!

The last ten days leading up to our move was full of excitement and anxiety. I've also realized that moving an RV into a campsite for the long term is vastly different then sitting up your RV for traveling from park to park.

After packing and shopping for months, it was now time to sort and load what was going when and how.

We had a transportation expert pick up our rig and deliver it to our secured RV space

which is about 45 minutes from our previous home. Once he detached, it was all up to us to set up. Well, actually it was up to Bob as I came up about an hour after the rig was set up. I could tell Bob was a bit nervous about trying to remember the details of what to push first and how to read every gauge. He did a great job and frankly, Grand Design products are developed to make set up as easy as possible.

In our case, we were lucky to get just the spot we wanted in a really nice long-term RV Park. We started this search almost a year ago, looking long and hard for just the right type of community we'd like to live in. The cost of the space rent is a bit higher than a few of the other parks, however the spaces are a bit larger and well maintained, which is very important especially during the winter months. The park "rules" are a bit strict, yet this keeps the tenants honest, well behaved, and therefore only those that really want to live in this type of community stay for the long haul. People also take care for their RV homes here, and many have small dogs. Izzy has acquired more "friends" than Bob and I since we moved in!

There can be a lot of "paperwork" to finalize prior to getting your rig settled for full-time RV living. Here are just a few things we needed to provide proof of completion to our RV Office Manager:

* Obtain insurance on the RV $$$

* Get new license tabs (ours is new so we needed new plates too) $$$$

* Provide first and last month space rental fee $$$$

* Secure a propane tank $$$

* Send copy of Izzy's rabies certificate $$

* Purchase local city dog tag for Izzy $

Getting the rig into the space was the first step of getting settled. The next step became critical for us. Snow was predicted to come early this winter and we needed to winterize the RV!

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