Why RV Living?

As I am writing this on Sunday, May 10th I want to wish all a Happy Mother's day and hope you had a great day with those that love you.. Celebrations such as Mother's Day bubble up any number of memories of times with children and others you may have cared for in their youth. Some of my favorite memories where made when my children were in grade school. Between Boy Scout events, Church Family Camp, and our own family camping adventures, it seemed we were out most weekends and for extended periods of time during the summer.

Our family home away from home during the 80's was a 1976 23' Prowler travel trailer. I

thought is was huge at the time and of course it had the avocado green and harvest gold color palette so popular in the 70's. It's claim to fame in the extended family was the magnet on the fridge that read " Pamper the Camper", because we actually had a bathtub in the bathroom that took up the full end of the trailer and everyone knew mama didn't like showering in the bathhouse.

I remember arriving at our destinations and all the work it was to get set up. The kids each brought a friend with them when we camped and upon arrival they all had a few chores to do and then off they went exploring the woods surrounding Mt. St. Helens, or finding ways to antagonize each other. Bob would get the outside set up and unhitch the trailer from the Tank as I called the big old Suburban we used to tow the trailer. It would be up to me to set up home, get dinner ready, prep for breakfast and lunch for the next day's activity, then do the dishes, make up all the beds, pop popcorn and ready the s'more's for campfire; clean up all the kids get them ready for bed, get them in bed, and referee the fights and arguments until all was quiet and then....it was my time. My favorite time was in the warm evenings when all was quite and you could sit outside and just look out at the lake, or up at the stars and just be still. The only thing I enjoyed more was getting up before everyone else and having my coffee outside in the still of the dawning morn.

It dawned on me this morning that this is one of the reasons I agreed to live in an RV. Every morning I have the joy of waking up in nature. I get to smell the greenery of the pine trees, the crisp mountain fresh air, and watch the sunrise over the mountain most of the year. I get that same feeling of quiet contentment when I look at the stars in the evening or bundle up in front of my fireplace on a cold winter's night. It gives me the same peaceful feeling of being around the campfire with the kids safely tucked up in their beds, dad getting his poles ready to catch the big one, and me feeling the warmth and satisfaction of a day filled with joy and love.

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