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Did you know the corner seat cushion in the L-shaped couch is removable? We didn't, and to our surprise, we found some hidden storage space when we removed it. ,


Lift off the cushion and you will find there is a small access hole in the fabric that perhaps is there to access wires.


After a bit of research, Bob discovered there was nothing under the seat and it looked like wasted space which could be used for storage. He cut out the opening and added a ledge for the "lid" to rest on. We were able to get six 15 quart Wal-Mart containers in the hole. Their size allows them to rest on the wood slates and to "ride" in with the slide.

*Note: We are stationary and therefore have no issues with slides. If you do decide to use this mod, please be vigilant in ensuring the boxes don't slip or cause any damage we might not be aware of.  Better safe than sorry!

We found hidden storage in our 395M

10 Thoughts on RV Pantry Containers

I have to admit to having "pantry envy" for some of the storage I've seen in other RV's.  Unfortunately, our 395m has very narrow (only 5") shelves.  To keep things from falling out and looking organized, I chose to use mostly stackable containers and moved can foods and extras to another area.  Here are my 10 tips for utilizing this space. (All sizes are approximate see our Shopping page for links sharing actual dimensions and products).


#1  These are great for this space easy in/easy out and sits perfect on the self behind the guard. About 4.5"x 5.25", they hold 1 lb of pasta, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, etc. 

#2  Tall and skinny (4" x 12"), these hold about the same amount as #1, but utilize tall spaces. Works for spaghetti, linguine, cereal, coffee pods, etc. 

#3   I probably wouldn't get this size (5" x 9") again, I'd go for the larger one or two smaller ones as it waste prime space in the cupboard.

#4   This one takes up a good amount of space.  Great for lasagna noodles but that's about it. Go for two of the taller canisters or four of the smaller ones to maximize your storage,. 

#5   Tip: keep your larger bottle of oil in here and keep a small Olive Oil Dispenser by the stove.  I also keep my coconut oil tucked into one of the side pockets, The cupboard stays warm and keeps the oil soft. 

#6   These are just a tad bit too big (5.5" x 5) but they work okay and they fill up the space when stacked. They work especially good for individual wrapped items like granola bars, trail mix, cereal, larger pasta, etc. 

#7   This is another size (3.5" x 8") I most likely wouldn't get again.  I'd go for the larger one or two smaller ones to avoid wasting space.

#8   Great size (5" x 12") for bulk food like flour, sugar, etc.  Also good for crackers, easily holds a whole box (four packs). 

#9    Works well for stacking (4.5" x 7") with #1

#10   Tip: I love this Grease Storage Container. No worries about grease getting into our RV sink, I just poor it in this container which come with liners and throw them away when it gets full or old.   

Pantry Tips.png

Many of these containers can be found on our Amazon store at the same price as shown on Amazon or at Walmart.