Our New Home Story

Selecting your home 

After a year of dreaming online, visiting dealerships and finally making our selection, we had a three-month wait before our unit was delivered.
However, I couldn't wait to begin decorating.  I created a PowerPoint
presentation and found as many pictures as possible on the web to create a visual mock-up of what our new home would look like.  Take a look at how close I came to my dream.


















Our decision to become RV dwellers was not based on financial reasons, more on our season in life, the fact that we were empty-nesters, and we wanted a more simplistic lifestyle. It was also heavily influenced by Bob's desire to be closer to the lakes where he provides fishing guide service. 

Baccon Snatcher.jpg

After all the planning, hunting, nail biting, anxious waiting...we finally get to move in and set up our new home.  It was had to let go of some of the things I had been keeping hold of over the years. However, I 

found several surprises when we finally make the decision to downsize and then to really go tiny.  I'll be sharing more about my journey, until then, here are a few ideas for setting up your new home. 

After a successful career in the field of education, I created a virtual assistant company and from there, selected a handful of executive clients to serve as long as I am interested.  While I already worked from home, COVID-19 still required a few adjustments to my everyday working situation. I'll be sharing more on how we adjusted, how our business plans changed a bit and how you too can create a viable business while living in your RV home. 

Selecting our new RV
Stationary living
Working in Retirement
Deck Stage 3.jpg

Working from your new home

Setting up your new home

Selecting a location for your home 

Since we are not planning (at this time) to travel with our RV, our options were to purchase land and take on all the responsibilities that include, (such as bringing water, sewage, and electricity to the RV site); purchase a full-time RV pad at a resort, or find a long-term "camping" site at an RV Park.  Since we were looking to reduce our footprint, not enlarge it, and because the location we chose had no RV Resorts, we were left to look for a suitable RV Park that met our needs.  

RV Pet Care


Our little Izzy is a 2-year old Maltipoo who is the much loved baby of our family.  Living with a pet in an RV and in an RV park is quite different than when you have a house with a lawn they can roam around in.  In addition, living in the mountains with bear, fox, and birds of prey bring it's own issues to be aware of.  We've had to make a few adjustments to our home to make it safe for Izzy and I gladly share these tips as well. 

Night Night Izzy.jpg


We are so grateful to be able to choose this lifestyle.  we hope you enjoy a visual presentation of how grateful we are.