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New Year Resolutions

December 2019

My New Year Resolution is to not make a long list of things I want to do, get done or acquire. This year, my list is of things that will support our new life of living a minimalistic, and healthy lifestyle in the mountains of Colorado. 

Preparing for a Colorado Winter

November 2019

.After living in Colorado Springs for many years, we had a pretty good idea what we were in for when deciding to head up the mountain toward Pikes Peak and make our home in a 42' toy-hauler. We made the move on the 1st of October and estimated we had about three weeks until the snowfall began. Well, this year it decided to come a bit early and we needed to get the rig ready for winter.

Prepare RV 4 CO Winter.JPG

Our first RV Christmas!

December 2019

When you downsize from a traditional home to perhaps an apartment or condo, you still have rooms you fill with your furniture, special mementos, and other personal items. However, when you move into an RV, every space is strategically laid out for purposeful tiny living.

Stacking Santas.png

Planting our rig in its new home!

October 2019

We're here! We arrived on October 1, 2019!


The last ten days leading up to our move was full of excitement and anxiety. I've also realized that moving an RV into a campsite for the long term is vastly different from sitting up your RV for traveling from park to park.

After packing and shopping for months, it was now time to sort and load what was going when and how.

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10 Days & Counting

September 2019


It's finally here. We decided to special order our new RV home to meet our needs and to prepare for the specific living conditions in the mountains of Colorado. One of our non-negotiables was double-pane windows. We also wanted to have the newest model off the line (2020 in our case) and that required we order a new RV build rather than buy one off the lot. After waiting for almost three months, we received the call that made our hearts skip a beat, our new home has arrived in Colorado


Making our Selection

August 2019


There are a variety of RV manufacturers who make toy-haulers. There is not, however, a great deal of difference in the layout of the living space. This is something that is really important to us. I want my living room separate from the kitchen. It is also important for me to have a desk or space for a desk since I plan to continue working until I no longer want to or can't. We also want a bedroom that has the closet space we require and real night stands on both sides of the bed.

RV 2.png

Over the past year, we have searched the world wide web, visited RV dealerships and attended trade shows to help us through the selection process. Our choice is the . . .

Where Do We Go From Here?

August 2019

Do you remember receiving that first invitation to AARP in your 50's. If you are not there yet, just you wait. It was certainly my first wake-up call to the fact that a new season of life, my "Senior" season, was rapidly approaching. My 60's were calling and retirement was on the road ahead.​

It was also around this time in my life when the whole empty-nester syndrome hit my husband, Bob, and I. One way to handle it was to downsize from our three-story 4200 sq. ft home, to a one-level 1200 sq. ft condo. Frankly, I wasn't sure I could do it. I appreciate and need space around me, and I was afraid I would feel claustrophobic in a smaller home. Several surprises came out of our move and changed the course of life during our 60's. My first surprise . . . 


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