Visual Organizing

Since I run a business from home, I need a specific space that is dedicated to my work.  The addition of a hutch to my desk was just what I needed. It was initially a dark brown in color which I painted to match the gray color of the interior of our RV.  It also had a "cardboard" back to it which we removed as it made the space much too dark for my liking.  Now it lets a lot of light shine through from the window behind my computer. Finally, we added a few reinforcing pieces to ensure it was sturdy enough to hold all that I wanted to store on it. 

Visual desk org.png

After a while, I realized the hutch had become a catch-all for a number of things and its organization was a bit clumsy.  Most organizers will tell you to remove everything and then replace what you need in the right spots. Great advice, however, it can be difficult to organize in a small space. Try this Visual Organization trick to save time and get your project done quickly. 


Begin by taking a photo of the space you want to reorganize.  Study it a bit to see what it's telling you.  Identify what's uncomfortable, doesn't feel right, or just doesn't work for you. 


Original Desk.jpg


Print off your picture or use an online marking program to make notes of what you like/don't like and what needs to be done.

A few things I noted for my space are: 

  • I didn't like the plant on the left side of the top shelf.  It had dead leaves and was getting too large for the space. 

  • My boxes were great for storage, but I kept forgetting what was in them since I neglected to label them. 

  •  The three shelves on the right needed to be decluttered.  The bottom two were my go-to spots and where I needed to organize my every day and critical supplies.

Desk Space Edits.jpg


By eliminating what I didn't need/want, and utilizing my boxes with labeled storage, it freed up space which gave me greater access to my tools and supplies. 

  • I gave the plant to a neighbor who has a green thumb of her own.  Moved the smaller plan into its place and moved the clock to where the smaller plant lived.  The top shelf has a cleaner line lets in more light and has a greater visual appeal. 

  • Repositioning my books and finding another white box also allowed the space to not look so cluttered. 

  • Finding new containers made a huge difference.  My camera gear has a new container that keeps it out of sight but ready and available when needed.  The paper organizer allows me easy access to the various texture and styles I need. My favorite find, however, was the clear acrylic boxes that allow storage and still lets in the light.  They made a huge difference for me.   

IMG_0087 (2).JPG

Yes, there are still a few "messy" looking areas, but the reality is this is a working office and it's never going to be a pristine work of art.  I'm happy with the least for now.  I'm sure sometime in the future, I'll reorganize again, it's just the way I roll!

Do you have an organizing tip to share?  Send it to me and I'll share it with our community and give you full credit!